…When in NOLA, eat everything

For my spring break, I had the pleasure of going to New Orleans aka NOLA with my beau. If you were to ask me what I was most excited for on this trip, the answer would most definitely be the food. Here’s my guide to NOLA eating (with a hint of bars).

Tropical Isle

Order: Hand Grenade

This was our first stop on the trip. Don’t judge us. We turned the corner and it was the first thing I saw that was on my list of Go-To’s. As Tropical Isle advises, more than 5 drinks is sure to land you in a bathroom stall. So, be careful because these hand grenades can sneak up on you. I ordered the frozen hand grenade and preferred it because of its sweetness.


Acme Oyster House

Order: Charbroiled Oysters

I honestly only have one word for this dish: DE-LI-CIOUS. I’m not a fan of regular ‘ol oysters, whatsoever, but these charbroiled oysters have soooooo much flavor. I would go back to NOLA just for these alone.


Cafe du Monde

Order: Beignets

Contrary to popular belief…beignets are alright (or at least the one’s from Cafe du Monde are) Our experience here was subpar. You could either sit at a table and be waited on, but the seating area is almost always guaranteed to be filled. Your other option is to wait in line and take your beignets and coffee to go. The line isn’t any better– it wraps around the restaurant, but moves rather quickly. Once you get to the front, you realize why the line moves so fast. It’s because the cashier rushes you to order and is quite rude. One bite into the beignets and my mind thought funnel cake (gross), which is probably why I wasn’t diggin’ this French pastry. Btw, their coffee isn’t that great either. Nonetheless, it is worth the try since it is a “must” on the NOLA guides.


Pat O’Brien’s

Order: Hurricane

Ever tried jungle juice before? If you have, Pat O’Brien’s, ‘Hurricane,’ is an exact replica of this infamous college drink. I’m personally not a fan of jungle juice so, naturally, I wasn’t a fan of this drink. However, Pat O’Brien’s offers an energetic ambience that is sure to put you in a good mood. So, head on over and order yourself a drink. Any drink. But the hurricane.


The Joint

Order: Combo Plate: Three Meats & 2 Sides: Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Ribs w/ Mac & Cheese & Baked Beans

This is by far thee best BBQ I’ve had in my life thus far. Edgar & I were left speechless at the end of this meal. We ordered the combo plate to share and it was more than enough to fill us both. One of my top three favorite restaurants in NOLA and a MUST try in my book. Btw, their Mac & Cheese is out of this world.


Crescent City Steaks

Order: Rib eye w/ Lyonnaise & Sautéed Asparagus

On a mission to try something other than seafood, we came across this restaurant. Crescent City Steaks has a lot to offer whether it be their delicious menu (try the stuffed mushrooms– not pictured below) or their rich history. Edgar & I came in on a busy Saturday night with no reservation and were seated in under 10 minutes. Our overall experience at this restaurant deserves five stars. Our glasses were never anything but filled, the service was prompt and the food sure hit the spot. The potatoes needed a bit more seasoning, but the sautéed asparagus and steak were delicious.



Willie Mae’s Scotch House

Order: America’s Best Fried Chicken w/ Mac & Cheese

YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!! The line for Willie Mae’s fried chicken wrapped around the restaurant, but the wait sure was worth it. Both the Food Network and the Travel Channel have coined Willie Mae’s with having “America’s Best Fried Chicken.” If that isn’t enough to convince you, I don’t know what is.



Order: The Everything NOLA Sundae

The only dessert that I throughly enjoyed while in NOLA was at Sucré. Edgar & I devoured this sundae. I practically licked the plate clean– it was THAT good. It’s bread pudding combined with layers of butter-pecan gelato, banana fosters sauce, crumbled pecans, whipped cream and topped with small chocolate pieces. Is your mouth watering yet?


Some other places I recommend: 

The Blue Nile, Vaso & Oak Ally Plantation



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