Boston: Fenway Park & Lots of Walking 

…Let’s get away for a while…

We’re in Boston! (Said in my *best* Boston accent)

When my boyfriend heard that the Chicago Cubs would be playing the Boston Red Sox this year…it was game on to find tickets and go.

And well, you know how people say it pays to know people? They weren’t lying. My friend from grammar school has a friend who works at Fenway and got us discounted tickets and a VIP experience. But, we’ll talk about that later.

Boston is a great time and a BEAUTIFUL city! Edgar and I contemplated packing up and moving here, that’s how nice it was.

So, definitely add this city to your list of must see places.


Airbnb. Unless, of course, you’ve got the cash for a hotel in downtown Boston. Our Airbnb was in Dorchester (which we were told is still Boston) and was only a 10-20 minute Lyft ride to everywhere we visited.

Our Airbnb was super cute and provided us with everything we needed. Here’s the one we chose.


Boston Common- Think of it as a much smaller, nicer and cleaner Central Park. Go for a stroll and enjoy the scenery.


Boston Garden– Located in Boston Common and filled with bright and colorful tulips.

Fenway Park– I’m not a big baseball fan, but I’ll even admit that Fenway Park is a sight to be seen. My opinion may be biased because we got the VIP experience, but it really is a nice park to catch a game. We were all super shocked when my friend’s friend took us through secret doors to see the Cubs throw some balls around before the gates even opened. We even caught a few! Sadly, we didn’t get any autographs but we have plenty of pictures and memories to last a lifetime.


New England Aquarium Whale Watch-  I mean…who doesn’t want to see whales up close and personal? I was super excited to get on a boat (despite the fact that I get sea sick) to see whales. That excitement quickly went away when the weather dropped to what felt like zero degrees. I would recommend you do this excursion if and only if it’s a sunny day. If you’re one to get sick from motion sickness, I’d suggest packing some dramamine. Trust me, you’ll need it. Be sure to get a good spot on the boat so that no one will block your view. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see some dolphins. Even though we couldn’t feel our toes or fingers by the end of the night- we sure got plenty of laughs people watching!



The Harp– Looking for a burger to eat? This is the place. We heard the environment is great at night if you’re looking to go out for a couple of drinks, too. I ordered a Mushroom & Swiss burger with a Moscow Mule. Yum!

Mike’s City DinerWe stumbled across this diner and we’re happy with our meals. The diner isn’t too far from downtown so, eat up and walk the town!

Tasty Burger– I guess we ate a lot of burgers this trip around. We came here after a night out of drinks so, my opinion may not be valid. However, I feel I should share that this place has THEE best tater tots and onion rings. Go get ’em.

Blunch– Edgar & I ate here our last day in Boston and our stomachs thanked us. We ordered a breakfast sandwich, which I don’t remember the name of. Either way, everything on their menu sounded yummy so, it’s a win-win. OH, and their cookies are DEELICIOUS!

If you’ve visited Boston before let me know what YOUR favorite spots are in the comments below. I’d love to know 🙂


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