Mexico: Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi & Jalisco

I know, I know. Long time no post but…let’s get away for a while…

Ever since Edgar and I started dating he’s always told me stories about a place called, “La Haciendita.” The way he talked about it you could tell it meant a lot. I felt proud and happy to be able to share in a trip with him there this past May. It allowed me to see him more clearly and love him on a whole other love.

Alright, enough with the mush talk. Edgar and I spent 10 days in Mexico enjoying the sun, relaxation and food (of course). I don’t really have many specifics when it comes down to food or bars but I’ll share them where I can.

Enjoy our adventures through our photos below, and start planning your next (or first) Mexico journey!

Leon, Guanajuato

Family time, barbecues and straight chillin’.

Drink: Las Judas Mixologia 


Guanajuato, Guanajuato

We snuck away a couple days for some alone time. This was another place Edgar spoke so highly of. His sister got married in this city, and I can see why. It’s so lively during the day and even more at night.

Stay: Hotel Luna – this hotel is right in el Jardín de la Union and accommodated us with no reservation. Edgar likes to wing things- I’m more of a planner but we survived. I’d recommend staying in any of the hotels around el jardin. They’re all super cute and close to everything.

See: We decided to do a whole day tour which we coordinated right en el jardin at a little booth. The tour included Museo de las Momias, La Pipila, La Valenciana Church and Las Minas. On our own time we visited El Callejón del Beso, Museo de Diego Rivera and Universidad de Guanajuato.


Universidad de Guanajuato


Callejón del Beso


La Pipila




La Huasteca Potosina

One word: Beauty. La Huasteca is tremendously big. We didn’t get to see everything but what we saw made the 5 hour car ride worth it. We stayed in Ciudad Valles which is the closest town to all the spots. It’s about an hour to two hour drive to every cascada. So, pack some snacks (buy a miche along the way) and enjoy the ride!

Stay: Hotel Valles

See: Cascada de Tamul, Cascada de Micos, and Castillo de Edward James


Cascada de Micos


Cascada de Tamul


Castillo de Edward James


Guadalajara, Jalisco

Our flight was out of Guadalajara so, we decided to go a day early to avoid rushing the day of. We did absolutely nothing and had the best time. LOL! We went to the hotel pool, ordered drinks, relaxed, went back to the room, ordered room service, watched the movie Hitch and knocked out. Talk about a day well spent, huh?

Stay: Hotel Morales

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